About us


About a year ago, St. Luke's Episcopal priest, CB Baker, said "Do what you do. Do it well. But do it differently." These words were like lightning bolts to me.

What could I do that would make my job easier and more productive for me and my clients, and not to mention my vendors? Thus, the idea of a design center was born: One place that is safe, comfortable and informative, showing the public just what all is available to them without having to juggle numerous schedules and lots of travel.

You know the rest. I put together the A List - the ones that I consider to be the best of the best in their fields. After many months of planning and building, we are finally there!

On Monday, December 1, 2008, the doors were officially opened and what did I find when I unlocked the double doors? I found a shiny copper penny sitting proudly on the threshold! What luck!

The Center is looking incredible. I couldn't be happier and the response has been unreal. Within the first week, we hosted a designer from Ohio and her client! During the holidays, we had more visitors than we could count!

You've got to see this place! We welcome everyone!